Teaching Methodology

SVS School of Architecture provides intense training for the faculty on the newer trends of teaching techniques that which can culminate a strong penetration of the subject into the minds of the students. Every studio - class rooms are provided with a special lecture facility involving audio - visual components installed with the smart boards. The  New website has the facility to have the lectures which can be also made to publish online for the convenience of the students . The video presentations, Guest lectures and special invitee talks inspire and motivate the students a lot, which also in turn reflects on their Arch. Designs projects

The class room tutoring methods are also shared digitally for recollection and quick learn process, helping the students at their time of examinations.
Online learning forum, discussion blogs bring the students closer to the understanding of the design process and can also hear comments from the students and faculties for further improvisation. SVS School of Architecture are striving hard to bridge the gap between the students and the faculties through a sharing - learning process, and will develop further in the years to come to match the growing and Hi technologies.


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