Director's Message

Having graduated from the National Institute of Technology ( NIT) , Tiruchirappalli, With more than 17 years of experience, not only as a practicing Architect, but also as a Professional Design Educator and Project management consultancies, who has trained scores of aspirants in all design disciplines, I truly believe  that Architecture is a diverse and compelling discipline requiring a breadth of knowledge spanning the spectrum of human experience brought into focus through the lens of the cultural, technical and aesthetic challenge of design and making 
In a world of rapid globalization and urban development, serious concerns about environmental sustainability, economic stability, and social justice demand complex and innovative solutions that increasingly inform the education of architects. Where it was once challenging enough to teach students to design a beautiful and resonant building or park, schools now must also train students to collaborate across disciplines, to think systemically and strategically, and to act as leaders for the betterment of our communities.
Our challenge as educators is to maintain the core of a design education, the broad-based humanism essential to our disciplines, while preparing students to shape new paradigms of practice. Squeezing more lessons into an education of the same duration requires innovative teaching, evermore-dedicated students, and strengthened relationships between academia and communities beyond.
We recognize that students who graduate from SVS School of Architecture use their education for many purposes. Some become licensed professionals, Some work for large global firms and work on projects on the far side of the earth, some start their own design firms, or lend their talents to the government. As educators, our challenge is to meet our obligation to educate responsible professionals while simultaneously addressing a diverse set of student interests.
SVS School of Architecture offers a student-centric learning environment along with access to a faculty of highly experienced practitioners. From the founding principles of architecture to the latest trends in sustainability and design aesthetics to developing technical and leadership skills, 



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